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This was me checking personal e-mail when I was supposed to be working. It was a cold and boring day.

Se alaafia ni, ore mi?


who i be 
d.o.b: 01/30/75
sex: queer
nationality: african-american, emphasis on african 
location: soon-to-be deep south
aim: yeyesadio
edumacayshun: self-taught all the important stuff
diet: cigarettes & sunshine 


current plan(s): good mama, student, writer, activist, bookseller, website editor & producer.

future plan(s): great mama to an unschooling grrl, radical librarian, writer, historian, activist, bookstore owner, and a house with a yard.

interests: gullah and yoruba, the american south, radical politics, thrift stores and garage sales, vodka & spoken word poetry.

i'm anti-social. i'm obsessed with the past. i learned the word "anachronism" at the age of 12, and that was my introduction to identity politics. i used to write poetry, but i've been suffering from writer's block for the past two years. i'm a survivor. i also review books occasionally for sites like this one.

since the future ain't now and mama needs bank, i'm setting up a completely capitalist venture designed to keep me out of The Man's pocket and at home with my daughter as much as possible - a bookstore specializing in used and rare books by, for and/or about people of color, including children's books. i'll be starting out small, but hope to have a web presence sometime next year. i'm still researching, shopping for inventory, and tossing around ideas for a name. in the meantime, i have a store at amazon, honeybunch books. if you have any books lying around you wanna get rid of and wanna help a po', broke, lonely and strugglin' single student mama out, see my swap page or e-mail me at honeybunch at hey, information should be free, but i got bellies to fill.

Ipade wa bi oyin.


Val, Mica, Tanya, me and Hugo, one of the sexiest men in Denver and a mean salsa dancer.


Me and Dexter, a 9/11 survivor and a mean hip-hop dancer. (Notice a pattern here?)