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what i got *

Details (magazine) Music Matters sampler Vol. 7 (compilation)
Imani Coppola Legend of a Cowgirl single
Waiting to Exhale soundtrack
The Best of Diana Ross and the Supremes
less-than-perfect copy of My Own Private Idaho
Romeo is Bleeding
Interview with the Vampire
12 Monkeys
Girlie Stuff
floweryperfumy essential oil 5 oz. (it was a gift and the label's worn off)
ORS Hair Mayonnaise** (a lil over half a 16 oz. jar)
ORS Shea Butter** (over half 9 oz.)
ORS Lock & Twist Gel (13 oz., only used once)

what i want

Shalom Sesame videos
Gullah Gullah Island videos & books
Bitch, Bust, or hipMama (old or new!)
zydeco music CDs
orisa music CDs
books (surprise me!)

*I will also happily swap for any of the books listed for sale on the honeybunch page!
**The shea butter and hair mayo are especially great products for TWAs; I am parting with them because I'm concerned about a repeat performance of product build-up in my newly forming locs and have decided to use only all-natural products instead. All ORS products are cruelty-free; no animal testing.