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My sweet, smart, demanding, funny, cute little grrl Bibu just turned one-and-a-half, a milestone! She has been walking since she was seven months and pediatricians said she was advanced for her age. I think she's even-ing out more though since she doesn't seem at all interested in potty training. She runs and climbs and has absolutely no fear. I just know she is ready to string a sentence together any day now, and expound effortlessly on the mysteries of life. She likes Legos and wooden puzzles and "Blue's Clues" and bathtime, and her favorite letter is the letter B- she'd know it anywhere! She also likes to dance whenever and wherever she hears music, and prefers older children to ones her own age. She doesn't like dolls too much, but loves babies- go figure! Her favorite food is cheese. Bibu: my little conundrum.


left to right, unknown, me, Mica, and Valerie at the rally at the Capitol.

The Littlest Activist

Bibu attended her first march Saturday, October 6 to protest Columbus Day. It was an awesome experience. Of course, she spent most of her time eating raisins and racing around the Capitol steps with her new friend Hugo (my co-worker and desk buddy), but I could tell she enjoyed her first march and rally.

Everyone had a good time - African-Americans, American Indians (Russell Means spoke- an interesting, to say the least, but it was cool seeing him), Chicanos/Latinos (my E.D. Tony Garcia, also a playwright and director, let his hair down -literally- strummed his guitar, and sang a pretty protest song about how the cops mess with you when you're brown. Corky Gonzales was there, too, btw, and so was Russell's lil bro Glen, who I met at one of the organizing meetings), and empathetic Italians stood side-by-side in solidarity. In the end, an anarchist was the only person arrested- and it was for crossing the street. Ironic maybe, but cops suck. Read more here about why we want to
Transform Columbus Day.


Bibu. Maybe one day she'll paint the White House pink!